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Chris Lawton Leaves Changing Beth Dry Professional Christian Life Coach Madison Connecticut

View seasons of change in your life as opportunities. Take the time to pause and reflect on decisions you can make that will point you in a life giving direction.

  • Have you moved into a new area and feel stuck? Or maybe you see many new choices before you, and you wonder what path you should choose.

  • You have spent a lot of energy on helping your children grow into adulthood – choosing a college, a new job, etc.. But, you notice a void,  you have more time, space, energy. . . now what? Or maybe you need to work and bring in extra income, where do you start?

  • You are a mom, it’s a wonderful privilege. But you have mixed feelings – you may miss a career, or want to start something new, your family could really use a second income, should you work, stay at home, can you do both, what can that look like?


Image by Rémi Walle Beth Dry Professional Christian Life Coach Madison Connecticut

Set new goals, and receive help and encouragement to achieve them.

  • Are you feeling discouraged, confused, defeated?

  • Are you struggling to make healthy choices for your body, heart, or mind?

I can relate. I have faced various health challenges in my life, physical illness, as well as deep discouragement. I would love to partner with you to encourage and equip you to live wholeheartedly -physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


Image by Ryan Franco Beth Dry Professional Christian Life Coach Madison Connecticut

Learn about yourself, better understand your partner, and learn how to make your marriage all it was meant to be!

  • You and your partner have decided to get married, Congratulations! But you have some questions, how can you both prepare so that you are starting out with your best foot forward?

  • You are married, but feel stuck in a rut. You would like to have a closer relationship with your spouse, but continue to repeat the same arguments, or bad behaviors.

  • Conflict, it is unavoidable. How can we use this to our advantage, even to strengthen our relationship?

Each of you will complete the SYMBIS Assessment, by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrot. The SYMBIS Assessment is a very practical and personalized tool to strengthen your marriage. 


Image by Samuel Zeller Beth Dry Professional Christian Life Coach Madison Connecticut

This is an invitation to reflect on your personality, strengths, experiences, spiritual gifts, and passions.

  • Are you faced with many options and demands for your time and talents? Are you tired of doing it all? Where should you be investing them? 

  • Can’t shake this dream you have for your future. . .it’s exciting to think about, is it attainable, is this something God may be calling you into?

  • What decisions can you make that will bring a sense of peace and direction to your family?


Bearing fruit and giving back. Each individual and family is uniquely created by God to know Him, and work with Him to fulfill His good purposes on this earth, that will last for eternity. How is God speaking to you, where is He guiding you?

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