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Professional Life Coach

A Faith Based Approach to Life

Live Your Purpose! I encourage and equip women, and families to live out their values and mission.

Introduction to Life Coaching

As a Life Coach, I partner with my clients to bring about transformational change, personally, in their relationships, and in their life mission. I collaborate with my clients to help them gain clarity in the areas of life most important to them, right now.

Together we will explore your values and dreams, discover and maximize your strengths, identify and overcome obstacles that are hindering you, design a strategic and doable plan, and take the necessary steps to move forward in a life giving direction.

Certified Human Behavior Consultant

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"Working with Beth has helped me tremendously. During our appointments, I am affirmed but also challenged and held accountable. Beth has the ability to draw out what is already inside of me so I can use it towards achieving what I set out to accomplish."

"Each session, I walk away with specific action steps towards my goals, and I leave encouraged and confident in the progress I am making."

"The goal of my coaching sessions with Beth was to consider the issue of retirement, and come up with a vision and a game plan for this next season of my life. I learned helpful strategies that I will be able to continue to use in my life to meet my goals-

  • identifying what is in my control

  • breaking problems down into concrete steps

  • building habits into my routine that remind me that God is in this with me"

What others are saying about Beth Dry....

Excerpt from author and blogger Laura J. Wellington’s post "The Term Life Coach . . . finally explained"


"She enlisted my confidence through her approach and made me realize that a life coach isn't dissimilar to the many coaches that guided me, grew me and cheered me on in the various sports I played as a child.  She would be there to do the same in my adult life when I needed more than a friend, less than a mother and in no way a therapist.  

...Given what I've now learned, I can see the need for life coaches in women's lives today, especially as we shift between ages, stages, and challenges.  None of this is easy and most of us are doing this with little support and lots of distance between those we would rely on to help if they were more accessible and living closer.


...Ultimately, a "Life Coach" is another resource to embrace.  I think it is vitally important to find the right one for you, however, like any other professional you invite into your life.  Me?  Given I was in need of one (and I may just be someday), I'd give Beth Dry a whirl.  She's just enough "old and new' school combined with similar life experience and the faith I need" for my taste."  

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